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Infiberone is a sub-brand of Gigalight

Infiberone sfp online store is a sub-brand of Gigalight, we focus on high-end optical network devices, mainly supplying industrial-grade optical transceivers and professional optical interconnection components for data centers.

Infiberone is a market innovator and application pioneer in global optical networking devices & interconnect. We provide series of products and solutions mainly applied in big data & cloud computing center, broadcast HD video transmission, multimedia consumer optics & machine vision, and telecommunication & data communication networks.

Major Application Realms & Seven Product Lines

Data Center fiber optics & Cloud Computing

High-speed Transceivers: SFP28/QSFP28 optical modules;

DAC: 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/120G short-distance interconnect I/O copper cable assemblies;

AOC: 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/120G interconnect active optical cables;

GIGACABLING High-density Cabling: MPO/MTP trunk cable assemblies and MPO/MTP fan-out cable assemblies, etc.;

Cloud Programmer & Smart Optics Testers: Transceiver encoder, transceiver/AOC checkers, MPO/MTP polarity checker.

4K HD Optics

Video Optical Modules: 3G/6G/12G SDI optical/copper transceivers and optical extenders;

Multimedia Consumer Optics & Machine Vision: USB3.0/USB3.1 AOC, HDMI2.0 AOC, and HDMI optical modules.

Metropolitan Area Network & 5G Mobile Communication

100G CFP2/CFP4, 25G SFP28, 155M-16G SFP/XFP pluggable SFP, PLC, CWDM/DWDM, AAWG, MEMS-VOA, optical switch, OBPS (optical bypass protection system), etc.

Global Markets

Founded in 2006, Infiberone headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China; branch office in Silicon Valley, USA; representative office in Russia; sole agents in Brazil and Israel, and key channel distribution partners in USA and Europe. In the next 3 years (2017-2019), seizing the opportunities provided by next generation big data & cloud computing, HD video and 5G mobile communication, Infiberone intends to realize sales volume in 55 million dollars, 75 million dollars and 120 million dollars, and further in 200 million dollars in 2020.

Presently Infiberone’s overseas business accounts for 70% of the company overall, and domestic accounts for 30%. In China, Infiberone business focus on Internet operators such as Baidu and Alibaba; traditional service operators and data communication equipment manufacturers like China Unicom and China Telecom; and overseas markets center on telecommunication & Internet operators and equipment suppliers in North American, Russian, Brazilian, Israelite, and Indian.

After ten years operation, Infiberone has successfully developed and been widely approved its favorable market image and product reputation.


The Milestones of Infiberone

2006 – 2009  Committed to R&D and production of optical devices under 10Gbps;
2010 – 2011 Honored with National High-tech Enterprise; certified by ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System; launched 10G/40G AOC; in 2011, total revenues more than 200 million RMB;
2012 – 2013  Built up Optical Passive Components product line, gradually entering markets of PLC, CWDM.DWDM, MEMS and optical switch;
2014  Accomplished the commercialized application of Active Optical Cables in data center; meanwhile launched GIGACABLING branded high-density MPO/MTP cloud cabling products;
2015  Dedicated on core processing technology of 100G optical transceiver; entered USB3.0/HDMI1.4 AOC and HDMI Extender by adopting patented optical engine technology, and sold USB/HDMI AOC on Amazon;
2016  Focusing on R&D of 100G DAC & AOC for data centers; launched cloud encoder, smart optical checkers, and infiberone.com online store, all to enrich Infiberone optical transceivers ecosystem; successfully developed 6G/12G SDI video optical/copper modules and USB3.1 & HDMI2.0 AOC;
Since 2017  Arrange 100G long-distance transceivers, 200G/400G transceivers, coherent communication and Silicon Photonics technology.

Core Competitiveness and Technical Capacity of Infiberone

Core Competitiveness

(1) One-stop Optical Network Devices Supplier

Infiberone SFP online store With over ten years development, Infiberone now has extensive pluggable devices that applied in optical networks and optical interconnection, and become one of main suppliers in global broadcast HD video transmission and consumer optics.

(2) Excellent Parallel Optical Engine Technology for Next Generation Big Data

Infiberone launched multimode parallel optical engine in 2011 and kept improving the technology. Now rely on its own multimode optical engine and singlemode PSM engine, Infiberone has taken a place in short-distance optical interconnect in global data centers.

(3) Advanced Automatic Test System & Strict Quality Control

Infiberone has developed our own MES (Manufacturing Executive System), Electronic Panel System, and optical transceiver automatic test system. In addition, we have purchased sets of automatic packaging coupling equipment to ensure batch production.

Infiberone always follows strict quality controlling system. With self-own reliability laboratory, our products reliability and stability are guaranteed. The test items include: mechanical vibration, high and low temperature storage, accelerated aging test, and high and low temperature operation. We have gained certificates of UL, FDA , FCC, TUV, RoHS, CB by International Electrotechnical Commission, and EMC.

(4) Strong Software & Hardware Compatibility

Since 2006, Infiberone has continuously been researching the software and hardware compatibility of optical transceivers and built rich compatibility knowledge base. Presently our transceivers are compatible with global main brands switches.

(5) Flexible Small Batch Customization Service

Years experience of channel distribution has formed Infiberone’s flexibility of small batch customization of various optical devices. Our technology can effectively transfer the clients’ demands to products.

(6) Innovative Optical Transceiver Ecosystem

Infiberone owns R&D and manufacture of optical transceivers and other optical devices. We are making great effort to construct an innovative optical transceiver ecosystem, which covering cloud programming platform that enables our clients customize optical transceivers coding, online test, information online inquiry and interaction, and this has been put into market; optical transceiver firmware remote upgrading system; SFP+/SFP28/QSFP28 optical checkers; an online shopping & interaction platform for High-end & Industrial-grade optical communication products: http://www.infiberone.com and the preparation of cloud manufacturing system for opening order status, production, logistics data to clients.

Technical Capacity

Infiberone R&D team currently has about 120 engineers, which account for 30% of the whole staff, and most of them own Master degree. By December, 2016, R&D team has obtained more than 20 invention patents licensing. Infiberone now occupies the domestic and international leading position in 40G/100G multimode fiber array technology platform and has the first-class technology in integrated optical devices. The main technological breakthrough can be homemade high-speed parallel optical engine, which is approved by many patent applications. In new period, the highlight technology include USB 3.1 & HDMI2.0 AOC; in the recent years, we have been focusing on low consumption and low cost optical transceivers and cables for cloud computing interconnection, and R&D of machine vision & consumer optical interconnect products. Later in 2017, Infiberone will also invest on higher speed optical communication and Silicon Photonics technology.